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it’s just another moment i could have played the game rated r. master/rose. implied master/doctor and doctor/rose.
it isn’t until later, when she’s ghosting breaths against his neck, that she realizes he only made her scream so the doctor would hear. au last of the time lords. title from strange by sarah fimm. word count 647.

eta: not betaed. mistakes are mine. blahblah. this is also my first doctor who fanfic. oh, gosh.

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mars; i hold sunlight

028 oh when will she land?

title: oh when will she land?
author: kirstie sensations
rating: pg-13 (mentions of infant death and suicide)
character/pairings: esme. carlisle. slight edward.
summary: “age 16 and already dreaming your life away,” her mother would scold.
notes: title from the kills. and quite frankly, i hate this fic. it isn’t what i wanted at all and by the end, i gave up. and i tend to make all my characters darker than they are. so this is dark!esme. and nothing is mine, btw. but you knew that. and un-betaed to top it off.
changes: book canon has esme's baby dying after birth and this fic has the baby dying before birth.

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mars; i hold sunlight

i love you?

i pretty much stole this directly from fadedpresence and i hope she doesn't mind. (i probably should have asked before i did but i was anxious to do it and not wait for an answer. so. yeah. SORRY).

request a fic, my lovelies;

from narnia, twilight, harry potter, sloppy firsts, or real life.
for a prompt, give me anything. a song, a picture, a word, a place. anything