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013 May I Ask You Where You're Gonna Run To (Bella)

Title: May I Ask You Where You're Gonna Run To?
Author: Kirstie (sensations)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Nothing's mine.
Characters/Pairings: Bella. Mentions of others, including Jacob, Edward, and Charlie.
Notes: Title from a Meg and Dia song. And this was stuck in my head while I was trying to write more Jasper/Bella. So it exploded. And this was the pre-product of twilight100's prompt of "realize" last week. Also, un-betaed.

She misses jacob edward charlie him.

She's been gone three years and she's alone. (She can feel it).

Talking everyday turned into weeks to months to years. (forgiven).

It's simple math. You plus me equals us. And us equals me.

Out in the real world, she isn't the second half of a love that lasts forever. She's Bella. She isn't a werewolf's love best friend. She's Bella. She isn't a daughter on a pedestal.

Just Bella.

She isn't the one who held three hearts in the balance and had hurt them all. She isn't wrong. She isn't wrong. She isn't wrong.

She isn't sorry. She just realized.
Tags: book: twilight, fiction: bella

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