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016 Multiply yourself by my pain over you

Title: Multiply yourself by my pain over you
Author: Kirstie (sensations)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Nothing's mine.
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Tanya.
Notes: The title is from a Ryan Adam’s song but there is a lyric in the actual fic from The Dresden Dolls.
Extra: This is for Elisabeth (kissingdaylight), for the calendar of doom. It’s rather short, love, so I’m sorry. And it’s not the best. And all mistakes are my own, I didn't have a chance for anyone to look over this.

He is the sun and she is the moon.

Every once and awhile, she will revolve and block the view of his earth but it’s never for long enough. So she keeps on moving, waiting for her turn again.

She’s no Bella Swan. (But she never wishes she could be).

She’ll say months and he’ll say years. “I swear Bella, nothing happened. It was years ago.”

Tanya almost laughs.

It started years ago. Twenty-four to be exact (not that she’s counting).

She remembers meeting him for the first time, when he really was that person he portrays now. He was so young and Tanya wanted to show him everything.

It always used to surprise her when he came to visit, just to see her. But he had just wanted to learn what she was flaunting.

She knows him in ways that the human will never understand. Things that make him so angry he slams you against a wall while you scream his name he won’t speak to you for days (only fuck you).

The spots that make him moan (right below his hipbone).

She understands the demons inside of him because they are her own.

And most of all, she understands his relationship with Bella Swan.

He’s playing naïve and coy and he really should know better.

Tanya isn’t surprised when he’s at her doorstep two days before the wedding.

His lips are on hers and he mumbles the words in her mouth, “This is the last time.”

Her hands are pulling his shirt from its place tucked in his jeans and she whispers back, “It always is.”

I want you but I don't need you.
Tags: book: twilight, fiction: edward/tanya
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