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021 fic previews

upcoming fics;

this is more for me, so i remember what i have hidden in notebooks somewhere, that i need to type and finish. but it does have a little preview, if you want to read them. there are 18 previews under here. :D


the pull of one magnet to another magnet (to another); (sam/bella). r.

“i wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“why do you care?”

he moves from his spot on her chair, gripping her elbow lightly, moving her to her bed.

he sighs, “are you hurt? did he hurt you?”

her eyes water, “why do you care?”

his eyes give sympathy. she doesn’t want it.

she stands, pushing him to the door. “just leave.”

he doesn’t budge.



you paid me well in memories; (bella/emmett). pg-13. au.

he grabs her by the waist, pulling her to topple with him to the ground. she shrieks a laugh as she lands on top of him, chest to chest.

he regards her slowly, eyes raking over her and she blushes and mumbles, “emmett.”

“yes, isabella?” he teases, lips an inch from hers.

“call me my name.”


my name.”

he breathes it against her mouth, “bella.”

five things that bella wants to do before she dies (and one thing she has to); (bella). r.

of course you know number one. she wants to know what it’s like to feel. she wants to experience that with edward. she knows it sounds selfish, but she never said she wasn’t.

she wants to feel that in a human way, a real way. she wants to be able to say that they were soulmates, before she loses hers. cause no matter what she says to edward, she thinks that’s what she’s losing. she understands how he feels, it feels like there will be no human part of her left.

and she’s scared.

five places that edward wants to take rosalie; (edward/rosalie). r.

“let’s go to paris.”

he sighs, “paris is not for us, rose.”

“but there is shopping. and it’s beautiful.”

he sighs again, “you know better than that.”

she stands, leaving the room without another word. she always has been dramatic. her heels click as they leave the room, clipping with an angry sound. it echoes through edward’s head as a warning and so does her thoughts, emmett would take me.

it’s like a slap in the face.

sorta dancing but not at all; (jasper/tanya). r.

her words are venom as they drip over his lips, “there is more i can give you, you know.”

he doesn’t respond and she takes this as an invitation, “you know alice isn’t enough. you need more.”

he’s trapped. literally. she has him in a corner and he can’t help but respond. his lips trail across her jawbone, teasing her.

she’s not bothered. she glances over his shoulder. “this is what you want.”


he can hear a tearless sob from the next room.

and i’m feeling directionless; (jasper/bella). r.

it starts with an ending.

she dies and she changes and it’s more than edward, emmett, or even carlisle can handle.

only jasper understands. she finds this unsettling. and comforting.

her first slip up is with him. it’s four years after she was changed and they are only walking through the town. (“edward, it’ll be okay. it is okay. i’ll be okay. i have jasper with me. we’ll be fine.”)

the growl that vibrates in the low of her throat is just enough to make jasper stand in front of her.

“calm down.”

her body crashes against his as she fights to get past him.


she glides to the side, too fast for him to stop her. she reaches her target and once the blood is spilled, the scream is heard: it is over. jasper is at a frenzy next to her and it takes the whole family to tear them away.

monthieux verse;

you have to exhale; (nate/ava). r.

don’t you breathe for me; (brodie/connor). r.

i’m thinking it’s a sign; (lexie/dallas). r.

bright just like the stars above me; (josh/dani). r.

five long months on the telephone line; (dallas/elle). r.

sloppy firsts;

taking it a bit too far; (jessica/marcus). r.

i feel dirty, be it from the conversation i am about to have or the sweaty bus i just traveled in.

either way, you’re still not here so i climb in the shower.

i turn the hot water on high, feeling it work out the knots of stress as it pounds into my back. it’s soothing me. it’s making me relax. it’s making me realize.

i’m not much of a crier, you know this, so i must scare the fuck out of you when you see me crumbled on your shower floor and in hysterics.

if it does, you don’t show it.

you pick me up from my crumpled mess and carry me out into your room and onto your bed.

i can’t stop crying and i can’t stop shaking.

you pull a shirt over my head and it smells like you.

flowers in the attic;

a flower growing wild and free; (chris/cathy) pg.

she smiles in her sleep.

chris has been watching her all night and watching her eyes move behind her eyelids, dreaming.

this is the woman who will always hold his heart; the vunrable, soft cathy he has known all his life. not the hard cathy he saw earlier, not the cathy who puts beds in her own attic.

but cathy is cathy and he’ll take what he can get.

a great and terrible beauty;

seduction leads to destruction; (felicity/pippa). r.

the only faith i’d ever known; (felicity/pippa/gemma). pg-13.

i didn’t get my perfect fantasy; (cecily/tom). pg-13.

harry potter;

it’s only doubts that we’re counting; (cedric/fleur). r.

her name floats off his lips without effort.

fleur. fleur. fleur.

it’s so effortless and it makes him smile.

she is his opposite.

ced. ric.

it’s too sharp and it nips at his lips. it’s harsh.

but she levels him out. she makes him more.

the office;

the indian in the cougars nest; (jim/karen/pam). r.

“do you love her?”

blink. play dumb. “who?”

“i know better than that, jim.”

she walks away and he wonders if she’s coming back.



untitled; (evil!edward. some edward/bella. jasper/bella.). r.

"are you going to run?"

the gleam in his eyes makes bella stumble back.

"come on, isabella."

she wants to run. desperately. but she knows it will only make her look like prey.


"don't say my name as if you know who i am now," he roars.

the sound echoes through the small space and bella's back hits the wall, with nowhere else to go.

he takes two steps and is somehow across the whole room. his hand grips her jaw to the point where she can feel the bruises forming. she whimpers, "please."

his eyes are holding hers as she spills tears, helpless.

he actually smiles, "are you going to plead for your life? are you going to try to make me feel for you?"

he licks up her neck and she shudders.

his mouth lingers at her neck.

"are you going to scream?"
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