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come around to me edward/bella/jacob.

come around to me edward/bella/jacob.

come around by rosi golan.
like sunlight, won't you come lay your ray down, you're the one. i could run, i could run for the life of me; but where would that get me? where would that lead?

howl by florance & the machine.
be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers. starts so soft and sweet and turns them into hunters.

your rocky spine by great lake swimmers.
i traced my finger along your trails. your body was the map. i was lost in there.

two years before the mast by astronautalis.
things are not always as they seem to be outside us.

blown away by shiny toy guns.
i'm losing myself again, you said you'd be around this time. when revelation calls and everything is blown away.

where's my heart by mirah.
where's my heart? not on my sleeve. caught in my throat - a little choke.

come love, see my hands by brooke waggoner.
i've no defiance. yeah, my legs are weak, my lips won't speak. i twist them and rudely kiss them.

world war 24 by ryan adams.
and if we get too high, we'll burn this town. oh, baby, bring me down - i'm all yours.

one hundred million years by m.ward.
and this love, this light between you and i; is older than that burning ball of fire up in the sky.

zip: come around.
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