special unspoken without sound. (sensations) wrote in likeoh,
special unspoken without sound.

i gave you all (tony/effy fanmix)

i gave you all. effy and tony.

i gave you all effy and tony.

i gave you all by mumford and sons.
how can you say that your truth is better than ours?
shoulder to shoulder, now brother, we carry no arms.

insomnia by electric president.
and the bright-eyed choke on ambition and the old folks circle their graves.
and the young ones are busy destroying their names and you're still just wasting away.

no mercy for she by shannon wright.
today fell to her feet.
she called his name.

not a love song by uh huh her.
cause love is a game to you now - watch just to see how long.
i want to fall away and waste another day.

gasoline by brand new.
you’re think that no one else is lonesome.
you think that you’re the only one.

waves by metric.
always leaving, either way -
i want you to stop me.

until we bleed by lykke li.
lights black, heads bang. you're my drug -
we live it. you're drunk, you need it. real love, i'll give it.

zip: i gave you all.

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