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this is more for me, so i remember what i have hidden in notebooks somewhere, that i need to type and finish. but it does have a little preview, if you want to read them. there are 18 previews under here. :D

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mars; i hold sunlight

013 May I Ask You Where You're Gonna Run To (Bella)

Title: May I Ask You Where You're Gonna Run To?
Author: Kirstie (sensations)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Nothing's mine.
Characters/Pairings: Bella. Mentions of others, including Jacob, Edward, and Charlie.
Notes: Title from a Meg and Dia song. And this was stuck in my head while I was trying to write more Jasper/Bella. So it exploded. And this was the pre-product of twilight100's prompt of "realize" last week. Also, un-betaed.

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