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mars; i hold sunlight

019 edward/bella ficmix

A fanmix for frowninghour for twilight_santa. Yes I realize it's the end of January. I just suck. I am sooooooooooooo sorry that it is this late. You have no idea. I really really am groveling at both frowninghour and kissingdaylight feets. SORRY!

Also, the list on the back cover is out of order of what I wanted it to be. So the list there and then the list in the post is different.

And fic parts are unbetaed, obviously. They probably go in and out of tenses.

AND originally, frowninghour, this was just a fic but the ending escaped me. I'm sorry if that disappoints you. And it was suppose to be happy and it turned out this way, lol, I am not so good with happy.

Also, Brightly Wound and Eleventeen are m4a because I had no other versions. Sorry.

And, lastly (I think), Enjoy.

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